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DNX Bars - Made with Grass-fed Bison

Balanced nutrition in a gourmet bar made from grass-fed bison, plus organic superfoods.

DNX Offers the only nutrition bars that taste delicious, are made with clean ingredients, and deliver complete nutrition for active lifestyles. Our sweet and savory bars are satisfying and convenient. Packed with protein and other critical body fuels. No other bar comes close.

  • 100% Grass Fed Bison, Organic Dates, Jamaican Style Seasoning, and Organic Coconut make for one Jammin’ DNX bar!

    Grass Fed Bison Jamaican Style Bar

    Grass Fed Bison Jamaican Style Bar This delicious meat based protein bar will have you dreaming of the islands with its sultry Jamaican flavors infused throughout the grass-fed bison and organic fruits and vegetables. As you savor each bite you can taste...


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