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Free Range Chicken Peri Peri Style Bar  
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Close your eyes and bite into a Peri Peri Free Range Chicken bar and let the flavors of ginger, cayenne, garlic and cardamom take you to a sunny paradise. This amazing gastronomical experience can be had from a protein bar you pull out of your briefcase or gym bag and is one of many delicious creations from DNX. Made with spices from Africa and Portugal brought back by DNX founder John Rooney, this free range chicken protein bar is also keto compliant.

Those of us living a Paleo Lifestyle have no time for companies pushing candy bars masquerading as protein bars with names like “white chocolate macadamia” or Red Velvet Cake”. What sets DNX Bars apart from most other protein bars on the market are the all-natural and organic ingredients. The Free Range Chicken Bar is made from vegetarian fed free range chickens and organic fruits, vegetables and spices with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. With only one gram of net carbs these delicious high protein bars are not only Paleo friendly but are also keto compliant.

Some are afraid that due to the name, Peri Peri the bar will be too spicy but nothing could be further from the truth. The unique flavor combination comes from an old African recipe and features the unique taste of cardamom with ginger and a touch of cayenne that is sheer perfection. This free range chicken bar is the perfect protein bar for those making the transition from jerky to whole food protein bars as well. You won’t even begin to think of eating another one of those nasty, greasy meat sticks from a convenience store again after tasting a DNX Bar.

Some of the reasons whole food DNX Bars are so beneficial to our health:

The free range chickens are vegetarian fed and are never given antibiotics or hormones. The spices used are organic and purchased from the best possible sources. To cap it all off, the free range chicken bar is keto friendly and like all other DNX Bars is also Whole30 Approved™.

"Most bars make you choose. You can get quick energy and a candy bar flavor – if you give up total nutrition and don’t worry about whether your food is organic. Other bars achieve high protein content using highly processed whey and soy isolates, and they just don’t taste good. Our savory DNX bars are developed by culinary artisans, who select only nutritious and delicious ingredients. Enjoy one before or after a workout, or when you're on the go and don't have time for a meal."

Truly Free Range Chicken – Anyone concerned about the planet and our environment should care about making sustainably raised animals a priority. This is why the chicken used in DNX Bars is such high quality. They are free to roam as soon as they have feathers and because they are never given antibiotics or hormones they are naturally strong, healthy and nutritious and an excellent source of lean high protein.

Here are just a few of the amazing health benefits of the organic ginger found in this delicious protein bar:
  • Ginger Contains Gingerol, a Substance With Powerful Medicinal Properties
  • Ginger Can Treat Many Forms of Nausea, Especially Morning Sickness
  • Ginger May Reduce Muscle Pain and Soreness
  • The Anti-Inflammatory Effects Can Help With Osteoarthritis

To emphasize once more, the DNX Free Range Chicken Bar is NON GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. If you have been looking for the cleanest whole food protein bar available your search is over.

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Whole30 Approved Keto Compliant Paleo Friendly 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

All DNX Bars are 100% clean, nutrient-rich, made with wholesome & organic ingredients, and taste great! We guarantee it. All DNX orders come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your DNX Bars, please Contact Us and we’ll give you a full refund.


Product Info

Whole30 Approved®

Free Range Chicken Peri Peri Style Bar


Free Range Chicken, Sea Salt, Organic Spices, Celery Juice Powder (celery powder, sea salt), Organic Ground Ginger, Ground Cardamom Seed, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic Minced Onion, Dried Spinach, Organic Oregano, Encapsulated Lactic Acid, Organic Cayenne Pepper.

Perfect on-the-go Peri Peri Style snack bar!

This unique, exotic flavor combines free-range chicken with savory peri-peri style seasoning inspired by African Bird’s eye peppers. Tangy ginger, juicy peppers, and a spicy kick of chili turn this portable snack or meal option into an unforgettable experience.

Add a little “kick” to your day with Peri-Peri seasoning, free-range chicken, and only the cleanest organic ingredients. These sumptuous snacks are perfect for Gluten-free, Paleo, Keto, and Whole30.

 Our Free Range Chicken Peri Peri Style Bar packs 10 grams of protein into a portable package that you can take anywhere!

  • 10g Protein
  • 2g Carbs
  • Organic Spices
  • Paleo and Keto Compliant
  • Whole30 Approved®

 Nutritional Source of:

  • Anti-inflammation and Detox Support
  • Gluten-Free
  • No Antibiotics EVER
  • No Hormones, No Artificial Preservatives
  • NO Sugar, NO Artificial Ingredients, NO worries!


Additional Details

Pack Size:
12 Bars

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