We are excited to announce that Tommy Vinas has joined DNX Nation and is representing our Grass-fed Bison and Beef bars as an elite brand Ambassador.

Tommy recognized the nutritional value of our organic bars immediately after being introduced to them. Mostly he loves their taste!

Tommy is a 19-year-old CrossFit Phenom who placed 9th in the South Regionals (Dallas, TX – May 13-15, 2016) rising six places from his 15th place finish last year!

Tommy is a native Arizonan and began his athletic career at age 6 as a competitive swimmer. He was a top performer in High School and had scholarship offers to attend several D1 Colleges. Having been introduced to CrossFit at age 16, he opted to pursue the sport full-time. His early success as a CrossFit athlete is unprecedented in the history of the games.

Tommy resides in the Phoenix metro area and is a level 1 trainer at CrossFit Fury, where he trains with his programmer, Will Trujillo. His passion and dedication to the sport requires a balanced diet of nutrient dense foods that provide fuel for extreme workouts (up to 3 times daily) and resulting recovery. DNX bars are an excellent source of food based on his busy schedule and demanding needs. We are very proud that he has chosen to use and endorse our bars and will be rooting for him in the upcoming CrossFit event!

– DNX Foods