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These bars and sticks are wonderful!

Beef Bacon Sea Salt & Pepper Bar Taste Tester Pack

Always so good. I hope you continue to make them and get them back in stock! Can’t find it anywhere!

Very Good

These are not hard to bite into, quite soft, which I prefer. They are quite spicy. If you like spicy, you will love these. I would have liked just a tad less spicy, thus the 4 stars instead of 5. But this is a great company and I encourage you to try their products.


High quality, high nutrition, great balance

Beef stick

I would probably rate the beef sticks 4.5 if I could. It’s closer to a 5 than a 4. Flavors profile is great. Only drawback is the casing is a little soft but it’s not a big deal. I’m still happy overall with the product.

Taste great can’t stop eating them about to order more!

The perfect food

Great for a snack, protein punch, and easy to carry to satisfy that anytime hunger. My personal favorite cuz it’s super low cal but satisfying too.

Love your product, not the new packaging

Hi, My BF and I are rabid fans of your product. We have our adult kids hooked on them too. I liked the texture and taste of the product we received and the thicker bar. Dislike the ease of opening the package- damn near impossible w/o using scissors and the fact that it is not labeled. I am usually running out the door when I grab these so don't always see which package I am grabbing from.
Thanks for creating a great product and I hope you continue with your DNX Bar business.

Delicious as Always

I had ordered various flavors from DNX before as a way to supplement my need for snacking while doing the Whole30. I can honestly say that I’ve loved everything I’ve tried, and the Cajun Turkey Sticks are no exception. Perfect texture and just the right amount of flavor and spice. Not too much flavoring that you cannot taste the meat itself, but also not too little that it is bland. It is also nice to not worry about added ingredients like in most meat of the dried variety. Another bonus is that my very finicky meat eater of a 10 year old child also loves them, so it’s a double win in my book! I will definitely keep purchasing these and have already been recommending them!
Keep up the good work! 


Great flavor high quality meat

SOLD OUT-Peri Peri Chicken Bar Taste Tester Pack (8-pack)

Juicy, tender, flavorful. Even better than the original peri peri chicken bars!

Great Ingredients & taste, too spicy for this person

Was surprised & very pleased to find a BBQ flavor that did not contain sugar & only had 1 carb. The Cajun was too hot for me so tried this flavor. While slightly milder and I enjoyed the taste, it made my head sweat. Hoping DNX makes a stick that I can tolerate better since they use great ingredients.

SOLD OUT-Peri Peri Chicken Bar Taste Tester Pack (8-pack)
Pretty good I think most would like them!

They are good, but for me they are a little too spicy and dry. They are great nutrition wise. Very low carb.

Favorite Snack Any Time of Day

I go to this for a quick breakfast, snack option during the day, will eat two with fruit for a quick lunch on the go, or even to satisfy my late night unmerited appetite guilt free!

SOLD OUT-Peri Peri Chicken Bar Taste Tester Pack (8-pack)
great high protien snak

Just enough spice, good texture. You can't go wrong

BBQ sticks

Delicious! Great snack for on the go.

SOLD OUT-Peri Peri Chicken Bar Taste Tester Pack (8-pack)
My favorite bars

I love that it is a bar made of meat, not a lot of unhealthy fillers. Very tasty, I love that it is portable, and the nutrition numbers are great


From the flavor to the texture these are amazing!


I enjoyed this recipe quite a bit. Was satisfied with my purchase.

raspberry chicken never tasted so good...

DNX strips are great guilt free healthy snacks!
We eat them on the go in the car and they are our go to afternoon snack ,perfect with a crisp apple! My husband even likes them and he's one of those guys who resists food that is good for him! So glad to have found DNX!!!

Yummy healthy snacks

We love DNX products! Easy,healthy,delicious snacks for anytime,great on the go!

Delicious, high quality, and versatile

-The combination of beef with bacon and pepper is awesome: Just spicy enough to give a little bite and not overwhelm.

-After eating I feel really good, none of the tiredness or general down feeling I get after eating something that isn't made well.

-It is small enough to throw in my gym bag or work bag for a quick high protein snack when I am feeling the urge to eat thing I shouldn't, and enough volume of meat that when I am busy one stick is satiating enough to hold me over for an hour to an hour and a half until I can get a proper meal.

Perfect snack

My husband and I have done the Whole30 a number of times over the years and more recently have been eating whole30 foods every meal because we feel better doing so. These are a great snack with a little kick that doesn’t upset the “no sugar” flow we’re in for our food intake. As snacks aren’t exactly whole30 per the plan, they are nice to have around so we don’t think going for ice cream or a run for chips is needed.