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Snacking on the go

I love the sticks as a quick snack on the go. They are tasty and we plan to order more.

(16-Pack) Grass Fed Beef, Uncured Bacon & Jalapeño Stick

Grass Fed Beef Uncured Bacon Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Bar (12 Pack)

Fantastic snacks

We get these occasionally and especially when we’re on a whole 30 kick. My husband snacks on them to help him get through the first week of the program. They’re delicious and not full of junk you don’t want to or prefer not to put in your body. Just fantastic! :)

Great workday snack

Keep several in my desk drawer. Sometimes its even a good light lunch. Love 'em!

DNX Bar & Stick Ultimate Sampler Pack


We love DNX bars. They are tasty. Have a good amount of protein and most have no added sugar. We live ketogenically so they fit our lifestyle perfectly.

Awesome stick sampler pack

No better way to try all sticks than getting a sample pack - highly recommend- all flavors are treat.

Nutritious, but not that delicious

I’ve tried the beef jalapeño bar, and would give that 5/5. Knowing that, I had high hopes but it just didn’t taste nearly as good. Probably wouldn’t buy again

Had to try these.

I’m a huge black pepper fan and had to give this a try. Love the spiciness of the Beef Black Pepper! These will be in my future orders.

Bison Jamaican gets a thumbs up.

Another really nice bar from DNX has become a staple in my house.  Great source of extra protein.

For those rare carb days

As a low/restricted carb person, this is great to get just enough in without overdoing it. Not a fan of sweet potato on its own but mixes very well with the always delicious beef. Kudos

My fave

While I sometimes switch it up and add spices, for the most part I am as plain as can be with food. Like my meat meat flavor almost always. This is my favorite here. Meat salt. Perfect

Perfectly spiced

Like all the products I tried here, delicious as usual and just the right anount of spiceiness. Some comapnies go overboard and kill the rest of the flavor some barely taste the peppers. Jalepeno taste amazing with the right amout. For me, this nails it


These are just what I need to help kickstart my busy morning! Something grab and go that works well in the field. The ingredients are amazing and the flavors are too!

Pretty Good!

Nice little jalapeno bite

DNX Stick Sampler Pack

These are the best meat sticks!!! Super fast shipping!

Love the beef jalapeño bars

The grass fed beef jalapeño bars are my favorite out of a great line of bars. Heat and spice are relative; I find these quite mild so don’t let “jalapeño” scare you.  DNX is my guilt free daily snack to get in some quality protein. 

Great products/Great fulfillment/Great communication

Most healthy bar out there. I use it as a meal substitute during my busy days as a pilot. Keep up the great work!

Nutritious and delicious

The Beef Uncured Bacon Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper bars are great. I throw one in my purse so I always have a tasty snack on hand.

Perfect Protein Fix

This is a really tasty treat that helps me get through a Whole 30. Sometimes I don’t get enough protein s or good fats with my meals. These get me there and they are really tasty.

Great Protein Snack!!!

Great healthy snack option! Also try the Jalapeno & Hickory Smoked Bacon sticks!

Great Product!

Both the bars and the sticks are the perfect healthy snack when I’m on the go or short on time! And they taste great - I love them all!